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EFeedo is a simple, easy-to-use, user-friendly, and highly affordable cloud-based application for Restaurants, take-aways, bakery shops, and food delivery units.

With simple workflows for kitchen order ticketing (printable, digital, & queues), tokens (pay-ahead), ordering system, digital menus, order tracking, tables, and analytics, eFeedo has it all. It also supports bulk import of menu items and inventory for a quick setup and onboarding.

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Customer Feedback

What Customers Say About eFeedo POS

Elevating Restaurant Operations to New Heights!eFeedo is a game-changer in the realm of restaurant Point of Sale (POS) software. As a restaurant owner, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of eFeedo in streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences.One of the standout features of eFeedo is its intuitive interface, which simplifies order management, inventory tracking, and payment processing. With just a few clicks, staff can efficiently take orders, customize menu items, and ensure seamless communication between the kitchen and front-of-house staff.

Mr. F. MalikBusiness Owner - Breadbox

I have been in the Restaurant business for many decades and have used several applications in this period. I liked things in each one of these. However, I must say that the ease of use in eFeedo is phenomenal, so much so that you can train your staff in minutes, literally. I love the ability to configure the bill, the delivery counter and Kitchen display system, and the token display. We use the hybrid version of eFeedo, and it is undoubtedly a powerhouse of an application. Further, I am extremely impressed by eFeedo Support Team's after-sales, hand-holding & support.

Mr. RiyazGM - Nathus Rasoi

I manage the POS using eFeedo and found it extremely user-friendly, and complete in all respects. From billing, returns, delivery, closing, reporting, and Z-Report, I love eFeedo. It was like God-sent help for me and has made my life easier and stress-free.

Mr. Ash K.Restaurant Manager



Cloud Software License

  • Online site/portal
  • Accounts for Admin/Server/Kitchen
  • Inventory, Reports
  • Kitchen Tickets
  • Ordering System
  • 24x7 Support


Installable Software License

  • Offline Installable Package
  • Accounts for Admin/Server/Kitchen
  • Inventory, Reports
  • Ordering System, Kitchen Tickets
  • Offline work
  • Email & Ticket Support


Hybrid Cloud+Offline License

  • Online site/portal
  • Offline Installable Software
  • Accounts for Admin/Server/Kitchen
  • Ordering System, Kitchen Tickets,Inventory, Reports
  • Periodic/Custom Sync
  • 24x7 Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

eFeedo is known for a quick setup. We have won awards for the fastest implementation of various SaaS products. Once, you sign-up, we can get you up and running in less than an hour. Adding menu items is the key after the portal has been set up. We help configure your portal as well as billing etc.
Although we recommend eFeedo Cloud, we have options to help businesses who have slow or unreliable internet connections. eFeedo comes in a standalone/installable package where we provide a ready-to-use box/server. Alternatively, you can buy your own device and we prepare the system for you remotely. For some owners, who still want to stay on top of things, we offer a third variation called the “Hybrid System”. Here the business still uses the local server but provides internet to it to sync the key updates back and forth with their cloud setup.
eFeedo, in all three variations, is a subscription-based service. However, we are highly reasonable in terms of pricing. We also ensure that the license renewals are affordable during renewals. Besides, we also offer discounts for multi-year signups
eFeedo Cloud gives you complete control. You can see live orders, queues, KDS, KoTs, billing, inventory, employee information/payroll, and closing statements/EOD/Z-Reports apart from a plethora of other reports. Even for eFeedo Hybrid, you can see the reports apart from high-level data in various domains. Assuming the internet connection is available at the time of closing, the services ensure that the data is synced to the cloud. There is also an option to perform the sync at other times as needed manually. This helps to sync data say after various rush hours during the data to allow the owner(s)/ management to view the data remotely.
We help with bulk-uploading your existing customers to the eFeedo system. We understand that this is the key to many delivery systems and systems that honor loyalty.