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eFeedo is known for a quick setup. We have won awards for the fastest implementation of various SaaS products. Once, you sign-up, we can get you up and running in less than an hour. Adding menu items is the key after the portal has been set up. We help configure your portal as well as billing etc.
Although we recommend eFeedo Cloud, we have options to help businesses who have slow or unreliable internet connections. eFeedo comes in a standalone/installable package where we provide a ready-to-use box/server. Alternatively, you can buy your own device and we prepare the system for you remotely. For some owners, who still want to stay on top of things, we offer a third variation called the “Hybrid System”. Here the business still uses the local server but provides internet to it to sync the key updates back and forth with their cloud setup.
eFeedo, in all three variations, is a subscription-based service. However, we are highly reasonable in terms of pricing. We also ensure that the license renewals are affordable during renewals. Besides, we also offer discounts for multi-year signups
eFeedo Cloud gives you complete control. You can see live orders, queues, KDS, KoTs, billing, inventory, employee information/payroll, and closing statements/EOD/Z-Reports apart from a plethora of other reports. Even for eFeedo Hybrid, you can see the reports apart from high-level data in various domains. Assuming the internet connection is available at the time of closing, the services ensure that the data is synced to the cloud. There is also an option to perform the sync at other times as needed manually. This helps to sync data say after various rush hours during the data to allow the owner(s)/ management to view the data remotely.
We help with bulk-uploading your existing customers to the eFeedo system. We understand that this is the key to many delivery systems and systems that honor loyalty.
Absolutely. We offer a print server setup for the installable version which allows you to configure multiple network printers for billing and Kitchen order Tickets (KoTs). We also offer a paid subscription option for cloud printing. Either way, you can configure one or more department-specific KoT printers as well as billing printers. Our support staff helps with all the setup to ensure you continue to use your printers as you do with your existing system before graduating from KDS.
eFeedo gives you a live Restaurant portal with a cart, ordering system, and payment facility. We can configure one or more gateways like Stripe, Razor Pay, or any country-specific payment gateway to allow your users to pay online and for you to receive the money directly in your account. Most of these systems support all payment modes like Debit Card, Credit Cars, mPay, PayPal, Google Pay, etc. Our support staff will guide you through the process and get you up and running in no time.
A one-time effort is needed to add all the items to the inventory. You can then add your key vendors. For the existing stock, it is ideal to add that to under your own organization and from that point onward, start tracking the incoming vendor-purchased stock. We can help with this setup against a small payment
eFeedo supports stock thresholds (Low, Medium, High) for each item. These are set once and the system shows you the stock position at all times. We have extensive reporting to complement this. With our color-coded system, you can easily know the low-stock items. eFeedo also supports custom notifications.
Yes, eFeedo has a built-in configurable system for customer feedback where you can pick your criteria list. Customers can grade you on these criteria and also post comments, that you can update (fix grammatical mistakes, etc.) and post directly to your eFeedo portal. You can also use the customer answers/feedback to ensure you stay on top in terms of quality or food, and service.
Yes, eFeedo has complete support for customer loyalty and credit system. Customers can view their points and coupons and use these for purchases etc.
eFeedo has a complete flow for supporting special orders. This helps you track delivery dates, advances, and balances

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